Photography and Post Processing Rates

Rates - Light and Lift charges a flat fee of $1,500 per day plus expenses. Each job will be quoted on length and required output. Rates for output depends on the number of discs or prints you require.

Most jobs will require one day of shooting and one for travel. Longer jobs with multiple shoots are acceptable. Our quotes will maximize the value of your time and resources. If your company wishes to arrange travel, transportation and hotel accommodations on terms more favorable to you, we’re happy to discuss that. Private parties generally will benefit from lower rates. Light and Lift also will consider bartering and trades for payment.

Pricing for output and prints made by Light and Lift:

Output Rates

DVD Disc with unedited images


DVD Disc with up to 50 edited images





35” x 60” color/black and white print


24” x 36” color/black and white print


13” x 19” color/black and white print


11” x 17” or 11” x 14” color/black and white print


8.5” x 11” or 8” x 10” color/black and white print


3” x 5” or 3” x 6” color/black and white print





DVD Slideshow - Up to 250 images, NTSC compatible


Flash Slideshow - Up to 250 images, computer / web





Shipping and Handing will be direct cost
Custom prints on canvas or metal can be made; call for quotes

Information - We are happy to put together an entire photo shoot as part of the service. This includes, but is not limited to:

Finding a suitable camera plane if the client doesn’t have one.
Coordinate schedules with camera plane pilot, target pilot, and photographer.
Monitor weather as the date approaches.
Participate in the photo flight briefing and act as aerial coordinator.

People that have never flown in a photo flight find these items helpful:

  Current formatin flying skills are highly desired in order to fly during a photo shoot.

We will brief every facet of the flight so each person is comfortable.
Preferred camera aircraft are the T-6, T-34 or B-25. However, we can shoot out of any aircraft that is speed compatible with the subject aircraft. The only thing we need is a sliding canopy or open window to shoot from. Shooting through plexiglass produces very poor results, and should be avoided.
Normally, photo flights last about one hour, and may be longer if we use multiple backdrops or locations. Subject aircraft will be directed via radio and hand signals.
Formation flying and the air to air environment require discipline and a safe attitude.
We fully support that premise.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements, please contact:

Scott Germain - Images of Light and Lift
637 E. Goldenrod St. Phoenix, Arizona 85048   USA
602-430-6795       Email:


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